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Indian Space Journey

                                                  INDIAN SPACE JOURNEY

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s contribution to Indian space journey is immense.  He was called a missile man and some called him a nuclear scientist. 


This was the first project of Dr. Abdul Kalam in Aeronautics  Development Establishment.  A hovercraft was to be designed to fly on a cushion of air. The prototype was designed to fly on an air cushion of 40 mm with a weight of 550 kgs including tare weight. Many of his colleagues doubted the feasibility of such a project. But Dr. Kalam and his team proved the success of the project by actually flying the prototype as per design. The then Defence Minister  Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon ignoring the objections of officials got into the aircraft and flew in it. Dr. Kalam piloted the hovercraft.  But the minister had to quit and others did not give importance to this project. This caused disappointment to Dr. Kalam. 

Rocket Assisted Take Off (RATO) 

Dr. Sarabhai appointed Dr. Kalam as Project Leader for RATo project. Dr. Kalam developed the system and successfully tested it on 8th October 1972. 

Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-3)

This project was taken up in ISRO as the first step towards creating indigenous capability to launch satellites with its own technology. Dr. Kalam was appointed as the Project Leader. It was an honour and a challenge to him. Dr. Kalam was successful  in it. It propelled Dr. Kalam into the national scence. 

Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP)

Dr. Kalam prepared this proposal under the guidance of Dr. V. S. Arunachalam, the then Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister. This programme consists of the design and development leading to production of the missiles like Trishul, Prithvi, Akash, Nag and Agni 

Dr. Abdul Kalam was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1981, Padma Vibhushan in in 1990 and Bharat Ratna in 1997. He was affectionately called People's President. His passing away on 27th July 2015 is a great loss to the country. 

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